Essay Help: assignment continued is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title • Quel est l`impact du terrorisme sur le capital social des pays occidentaux? Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology More details 2 Title Organizational Communication Assignment type Speech / Presentation Discipline Business Description This presentation is about “Wolf on Wall Street” movie. Identify three conflict that happen in this movie and how the conflict can be solved by using three different theories form chapter 2 through 6 in the Organization Communication book by “Katherine Miller” . More details 3 Title Exploration your personal values Assignment type Coursework Discipline Social Work More details 4 Title pros and cons of the internet Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Computer Science Description Using the Business Report template found in the Content section of this Activity as a guide in the writing process, complete appropriate research and write a properly constructed research report about the Pros and Cons of the Internet. Submit only the finished copy, not the template. Do not use the template form for submission either; type your report on blank pages. Here are some points to assist you in closely following the template to produce a properly constructed report: Your ideas will follow the sequence of the template’s outline exactly; but they will be expanded in your final report, beyond the space provided in the template, and will use sentence and paragraph form. The headings/subheadings on the template will need to be changed to effectively reflect the subject of this report. Note that the actual topic, “The Pros and Cons of the Internet”, will be covered in the “Second Subtitle” area of the template. You can separate this section into two longer sections or two paragraphs, one for the Pros and one for the Cons. You can add extra subheadings to label these more clearly on your final copy. The “Third Subtitle” requires that you find something that carries similar cons to those you discussed in the previous paragraph or section, and compare solutions to the topic at hand. To ensure that you provide enough recommendations, please number them and provide at least three. More details 5 Title Tell me the story of what the company has done on their consolidated financial statement. Assignment type Reports Discipline Accounting Description Tell me about policies, NCI, Goodwill, methods and the notes of the company from the consolidated financial statements. Everything about what they have done in the consolidated financial statements are written in the attached PDF from Page 72 to 125. I need you to tell the story in 5 pages. More details 6 Title SF #4 Assignment Assignment type Other types Discipline Management Description See the attached files , start with the file named assignment.pdf for requirement More details 7 Title Religion in farming,government,and technology from then to now Assignment type Essay Discipline Technology More details 8 Title assignment continued Assignment type Essay Discipline Business Description this assignment for specific writer. More details