Essay Help: any title you see that fit is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Let the Environment Guide our Development Assignment type Essay Discipline Economics Description Essay with your thoughts about the TED Talk: Let the Environment Guide our Development – Johan Rockstrom. Please, no paragraphs with summarization or explanation about what is told in the video. 250-300 words More details 2 Title My garden Assignment type Essay Discipline History More details 3 Title How the Vietnam War affected my Family Assignment type Essay Discipline History Description Check files attached for syllabus. Due by 12:30 PM Denver Colorado time tomorrow so please have it done by 11:30-11:59 AM Denver Colorado time. More details 4 Title conflit Assignment type Case Study Discipline Computer Science More details 5 Title Education of girls Assignment type Essay Discipline Education More details 6 Title Deadly car accidents due to drunk driving Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Statistics More details 7 Title any title you see that fit Assignment type Other types Discipline Philosophy Description write 3 paragraphs to answer these questions below Explain the different theoretical perspectives that would be taken by Kant versus the Utilitarians on the question of What is right? What standard or standards would each use for defining what is right versus what is wrong? Provide an example to illustrate the differences. (What would each say about the morality of lying, for example?) With which perspective do you agree, if either, and why? If you agree with neither perspective, explain your perspective, and why you believe this. Be sure to explain each perspective thoroughly, including key concepts, as if your audience has never read or heard about their theories before. More details