Essay Help: Analytic reflection is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Critical Reasoning Assignment type Essay Discipline Philosophy Description Answer the following questions in a 1/2 page to a page response. Keep in mind to identify unclear words or phrases, and propose ways in which those words or phrases may be clarified. We might say a society is just if and only if it is organized so that the distribution of wealth within works to the benefit of the least well off. Do you agree with this conceptual theory of what a just society is, or not? We might say that lethal force against an attacker is justified if a victim believes he or she will suffer serious physical harm. Is this a good definition of “justified”? Explain. More details 2 Title Analytic reflection Assignment type Essay Discipline Sociology Description “Race” can be conceptualized as a relational system of meanings and structure of positions that organizes the unequal distribution of resources in reference to perceptions about supposed human physical, biological, or genetic differences. Our readings, including Nobles and Haney Lopez, examine the social construction of race in different domains including law, science, and governance. Like Nobles does with the institution of the U.S. government census, Haney Lopez writes about how law has created, not just adopted, racial ideas. He further urges a focus on the interrelationships between the physical, social, and material dimensions involved. Thus, “Law influences what we look like, the meanings ascribed to our looks, and the material reality that confirms the meanings of our appearances” (Haney Lopez 79). In this essay, I would like you to examine what he means by this. Please include examples from the readings to illustrate your points. More details