Essay Help: 12 Years of slave, Argumentation Book report is an academic exchange platform for students and writers: order Dissertations, Essays, Research Papers, and other assignments. 1 Title Statistics using R commander Assignment type Other types Discipline Statistics Description Description in the files included. Please ask for more queries. The assignment has to be done using R commander. Don’t attach steps in the final answer, but just results. Thanks More details 2 Title Social Phobia Assignment type Research Paper Discipline Psychology Description An empirically based research paper addressing researching the current psychological literature on social phobia. This paper should be a minimum of eight pages in length, in which you write about a diagnosis. All papers should be written APA style (6th edition). Below are the required heading and sections for the paper. • Introduction: All well written paper begins with an introductory paragraph. It should include the premise of your paper, an introduction to the scope of the paper, and a transition sentence to the body of the paper. • Historical Context: Discuss your topic in its historical context. This may include precipitating events, who is credited with the seminal work on the problem/issue/ phenomenon, the evolution of thought/theory, and the socio/political/cultural contexts. Please include when first included in the DSM. • Topic/Problem/Issue/Phenomenon Description: Please include a full description/explanation for the diagnosis. Do not just copy from the DSM. Be complete in your description and include current prevalence and incidence rates. • Etiology: Provide information on the etiology or cause(s) of the diagnosis. • Treatment/Resolution: Provide information on the treatment or resolution. You should include information on what is (or may be) the most effective treatment(s)/resolution(s). • Discussion: Please synthesize, evaluate, and analyze the information you found in your research. This section is the most important part of your paper. The discussion should elaborate in your own words the topic. • Summary: All scholarly papers end with a summary that concludes the major points in the paper with clarity and profundity. The rubric of the paper, the first paragraph of the paper are attached. More details 3 Title 12 Years of slave, Argumentation Book report Assignment type Other types Discipline History Description Size twelve single space, must be due Monday morning. More details