Effect of NPM on Canadian Public Sector.

Choose an area of Canadian Public Administration, or a Canadian jurisdiction (e.g. Alberta). How has the New Public Management affected this area of the public sector? Has it enhanced the performance of public administration in your chosen area? In addition to the hints for the Mid-Term essay, here are some useful points for pursuing your research essay: Remember this is a research essay. You need to find substantial evidence to support your claims. There is no set number of references you need to have in the paper. The exact number is for you to decide. Basically, you need enough references to ensure that you are not making unsupported assertions. Do some preliminary research to find out which areas of Canadian public administration have been most affected by NPM. Jurisdictions such as Alberta, BC and Ontario have seen important NPM reforms at different times. Federally, there have been important innovations in areas such as tax administration, food inspection, airport security and transport, to name a few. The point is that you don’t want to pick an area that hasn’t really been affected by NPM. Themes for this course was from Paul Barker’s “public Administration In Canada” (2008) Brief ed. We need to use this too for syntheses of arguments…also other sources..more on this later!