Discussion question regarding the textbook

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Discussion question regarding the textbook.

DQ Instructions: Each week you will have reading assignments. Sometimes there will be one or more chapters assigned, and potentially different authors. Out of all the reading assignments, prepare a Discussion Question (DQ). The DQ should focus on something about the material that you found to be INTERESTING, STIMULATING, IMPORTANT, UNCLEAR, or CONTROVERSIAL. Prepare only one DQ (not one from each reading source or chapter). We will use this as part of our discussion of the chapters presented for that day. DQs are not yes/no or T/F types of questions.

Each of 3 chapters need come with 1 Discussion question.

7-9 chapter need 1 DQ, 10-12 need 1 DQ, 13-15 need 1 DQ, 16-18 need 1 DQ.

You don’t need go over all the chapter, just pick one sentence or one section from the textbook. If you use the sentence from the book, please use APA citation. If you use you own word to made the sentences please tell me what page is the questions related.

Here is the example of the DQ:

Effective communication is difficult, especially in cross-cultural situations. A gesture well understood and acceptable in one culture can be meaningless or even offensive. When communicating with people from a different culture, what can you do to reduce any misunderstandings?

And the other example I made:

Emotion regulation has important ethical implications. On one end of the continuum, some people might argue that controlling your emotions is unethical because it requires a degree of acting. On the other end, people might argue that all emotions should be controlled so you can take a dispassionate perspective. (p. 123) Some of the People think emotion regulation helps them to have a rational mind to solve problem, what will you do if you have emotion in daily life or work´╝č


Here is the textbook I share in the google drive, just tell me whether you can open it.

Discussion question regarding the textbook

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