Death Penalty & Hyperpluralism in CA

Each student should address the following questions: (1) What is the history behind your issue? What are the major areas of controversy and concern surrounding your issue? Do you see any parallels with other states or with the federal government’s approach to your issue? (2) How does the topic you chose fit within the hyperpluralism and diversity that are described in the Lawrence book, California, the Politics of Diversity? If it does not fit, why do you think that is? (3) What are the competing viewpoints (at least two) towards your issue and what are the sources of tension between these differing viewpoints? Are there public opinion polls which suggest how the California public is divided with respect to your issue? (4) Which branches of government, political spokespeople and/or interest groups have been substantially involved with your issue and how? (5) Where do you stand on the issue? * I’m against the death penalty for financial reasons, please incorporate. NOTE: All term papers must include footnotes or endnotes to receive credit. These footnotes or endnotes must pinpoint your cites with precision so that they can be readily located by the reader. No credit will be given to a student whose paper fails to follow these instructions. As discussed in class, plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the class.