Critical Thinking Essay #1

Critical Thinking Essay #1.

What Makes Asian Growth Phenomenal?
Asian cities have tended to grow faster than Western cities. The accelerated rate may be attributed to population dynamics, economic markets and or/socio-political conditions. Discuss which of these three aspects of urban growth is most influential. Be sure to include discussion as to why the other two aspects are not as important in phenomenal urban growth as aspects that you champion. You need to refer to other sources for this assignment, so be sure to properly cite the text and any other materials used.

  1. Optional readings – students may want to refer to chapters 1 – 6 in the book Urban World/Global City by Clark as one of their resources to help complete this assignment. Students, however, are still encouraged to include utilize additional sources for this assignment.
  2. Students are required to utilize a minimum of three reference sources, two of which should not be from material utilized for the course. Sources from Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable references and should not be used.
  3. The essay should be 2 – 3 pages in length with proper paragraphs, standard APA style formatting (1” margins, 12-point font, double spaced), and adequate citations.
  4. The assignment must be submitted under the corresponding assignment tab as a Microsoft Word document only. If you use Vista you MUST save your document as a PDF or rich text file. A grading rubric will be used to grade this assignment.
Critical Thinking Essay #1

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