Counseling and Technology

Counseling and Technology.

Technology continues to evolve and it has had a major influence on how we learn, communicate, and interact with others, both personally and professionally. This paradigm shift related to the use of technology may have many advantages for emerging counselors and practitioners. But, are there challenges and concerns associated with the use of technology as well?The appropriate use of technology may help counselors manage and provide quality services and programs for their clients in a more efficient manner. However, there are significant ethical challenges associated with the use of technology that counselors need to acknowledge and address.

Give an analysis of two types of technology used in counseling, including how a counselor would conduct an ethical practice using them. Then, evaluate potential ethical violations and challenges that could be related to each. Be sure to cite the relevant ethical codes. © customnursingassignments Inc. March 21, 2019, 10:25 pm ad1c9bdddf

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Several professional bodies have adopted provisions for the use of technology in counseling including the American Counseling Association (ACA, 2005); the American Psychological Association, APA, l992,2002); and the Commission on Rehabilitation Counseling Certification (2010) [Barros, & Saunders, 2010]. For example, computers and smart phones have been utilized in rehabilitation counseling. One of the ethical bodies that provide guidelines for Rehabilitation counseling is the Commission on Rehabilitation Counseling Certification board (CRCC, 2010). Basically there are 13 sections that address the use of technology in Rehabilitation counseling:

(1) Behavior and identification issues are addressed under Sections 7 .1a to J.1 c (CRCC, 2010). Section J.1.a is focused on application and competence. J.l .b is related to problem with using the Internet, and J.1c addresses any misunderstandings with using technology-mediated services. The concerns of client capabilities including linguistic accessibility are addressed under Section J.2a of the CRCC codes. Confidential, rights to privacy and informed consent are addressed in J.3a to J.3d. Rehabilitation counselors must establish an online presence (j.8, and …

Counseling and Technology

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