Clint Eastwood

It can be an actor or an actress, a director, a cinematographer or a musical composer. It might even be a technological advancement. WHO IS IT? Or, WHAT IS IT? HOW AND WHY this particular individual (or this invention/concept) scored so highly in YOUR view of world cinema? NOW……I will imagine that I have been given this assignment. My choice? Without hesitation, I would select the American icon, MARLON BRANDO as my subject, zeroing in on his method acting, a technique which earned him an important place not only in American cinema but a spot on the world cinema page as well . Although Brando left the planet a few years ago, his mark upon the profession of acting remains an indelible one. ) That’s my THESIS. Here is my paper title: MARLON BRANDO: GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. Then I would research his life and times, write about his many films, with a focus on his landmark performances, his acting awards, the impact of his style (method acting) and the l long list of imitators who, until this day, consider him to be America’s greatest actor. All of this, of course, is based on various insights shared over the years by film critics, stars and scholars through their opinions. Therefore, by using scholarly sources for support, my view of Brando’s prominence in the world of cinema would be supported. As you know, that’s what research means. We need to look at what has been said/written/studied about this particular subject. Then, our research can add something to the picture in our own individualized way as we add our own voices to what has been said and studied in regard to this person or technique. Keep an eye on the FILM INDUSTRY. You are selecting and researching a GAME CHANGER in the film industry. Please do NOT let the paper dissolve into any tabloid news tales!! YES, PERSONAL LIFE OFTEN AFFECTS SOMEONE’S STYLE OR APPROACH TO HIS OR HER CRAFT. If this enables you to give clarity to the subject, then, by all means, use the information that you feel has had a big impact on this person’s life. In the case of Brando, there is a recent documentary about his life, narrated by Brando himself. (Over the years, he made these revealing tapes about his life) From the documentary, the viewer/researcher learns that he was abused by his father. This might somehow be connected to the BAD BOY image that permeates so many of his films. That’s MY take. In regard to YOUR OWN subject, see what connections YOU might draw between an actor’s life and his or her craft of acting. This writing project should reflect your opinions in regard to the “game changer” that you select in a sea of talented artists out there of the cinematic inventions that have made a huge impact. So, regardlness of your choice, WATCH some of the performances of the actor/actress that you select for your paper. IF you choose a director, then be sure to watch some of his major works or REVISIT some of these and do NOT rely on memory to take you back to what you saw as greatness in acting, directing, cinematography or musical score. The same holds true for a cinematic advancement. You will need to trace its progress through various films that highlight this technique. 1) MAKE A CHOICE. THINK IT THROUGH, and then begin your research. 2) GO TO THE NJIT DATABASES, and see what you can find among these scholarly sources of information. THEN DECIDE WHAT HAS THE MOST VALUE AND SUPPORT FOR YOUR THESIS, and begin a draft of the paper. READ about your subject. Let your research open a new window into the subject. Take notes. Get involved in the subject. ENJOY IT, TOO! (Believe it or not, research and discovery can be a very enjoyable process!) 3) Work with a draft of the paper. USING MLA style documentation, cite all sources of information. 4) HONORS STUDENTS WILL NEED TO WRITE 10 to 12 page papers. 5) ALL OTHER STUDENTS will need to write 8 pages. USE THE MLA website in regard to paper format. LOOK at a sample paper. (I think that ALL of you have used MLA formatting for previous papers in your college career, but IF you do not recall the format be sure to VISIT the website and SEE what the paper should look like!