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What was the calorimeter’s heat absorption for the reaction between HCl and NH3? To calculate the calorimeter’s heat absorption you must multiply the calorimeter constant (Ccal) by the Delta T from the reaction: Qcal = Ccal * Delta T Choose the closest answer.A. 119 J B. 14 J C. 527 J D. 20 J Since the calorimeter absorbed some of the heat from the reaction between HCl and NH3, what is the corrected amount of heat energy from the reaction? To calculate the corrected heat energy, add the heat absorbed by the calorimeter to the heat that you calculated for the reaction (Q + Qcal). Choose the closest answer.A. 2606 J B. 27 J C. 150 J D. 4580 J Experiment 2: Enthalpy of Neutralization of HCl by NH3   1. Take a new calorimeter from the Containers shelf and place it on the workbench.   2. Add 25 mL of 2 M hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution from the Materials shelf to the calorimeter.   3. Take a thermometer from the Instruments shelf and connect it to the calorimeter. Record the temperature inside the calorimeter. 21.5C   4. Add 25 mL of 2 M ammonia (NH3) solution from the Materials shelf to the calorimeter, and observe the temperature change in the calorimeter. MAKE SURE that you record the highest temperature before the calorimeter begins to lose heat to the surroundings. 33.2C   5. When you are finished, discard everything in the recycling bin. Remember to save your notes.