Other Question: An Assignment ” Buffer Overflow”

Hands on Assignment: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

In this part of the assignment, you will learn how buffer overflow exploits work through practical example. To complete this assignment, you must follow and complete on your own all the steps in the Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Lab provided as part of the NSF SEED project (http://www.cis.syr.edu/~wedu/seed/) and document your experience. The assignment details are available here:


For this assignment you should focus on Lab 1.3. Buffer Overflow. Either Linux version is fine but I recommend Ubuntu12.04VM.

This page includes a link to a PDF describing the setup and lab tasks: http://www.cis.syr.edu/~wedu/seed/Labs_12.04/Vulnerability/Buffer_Overflow/Buffer_Overflow.pdf

The end of the document provides an overview of the concepts needed to complete the assignment. The assignment requires access to a Linux system on which you have root access. The SEED project provides virtual machine images that can be used for the assignment:


You are not required to use the provided VM tool; however, if you encounter difficulties, try using the provided VM image before asking for help.

To show successful completion of the lab you must include in in your submission document:

-Screenshot showing successful running of a linux environment or the VM provided

-Printout or screenshot showing you completed Task1 and Task 2

-A short (one or two paragraph) report detailing the challenges you met in completing this assignment.

Law Question: Technology

Save the Access database so the file name includes part of your own name. Note: Use the standard Access file type, starting with the example provided. Do not use a pdf. Do not use zip files. Some zip utilities make it impossible for Instructors to open your files.

Correct and complete the partially prepared Access Contacts List so that it looks like the list below, but sorted by first name. A partially completed example Microsoft Access file is attached.

You will see that the form asks for First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, Business Phone Number, Company and Job Title. The law office employees for this assignment work for Smith, Smith and Smith. The clients are to be listed as clients. All categories are business. All phone numbers and email addresses are fictional. Input the following information into the form.

Job Title

Barbara Smith

Lindsey Smith

Robert Smith

Marcia Bradt

Susy Smith

Daniel Smith

Darrel Johnson

Mary Garcia

*If MS Access is not available to you, due to having only a Mac computer available, do the project using MS Excel.

Business and Finance Question: Unit 1 Discussions lesson 1-5

U1L01D1 – Unit 1 Discussions

Write a situation that involves someone engaging in anTeen boy spraying grafitti on walls in street illegal activity that many people feel is ethical and should not be illegal. Then respond to one other person’s post, but you must provide an argument as to why the unethical and illegal activity should remain illegal.

U1L02W1 –

Create a post with four of the sources of law -Marriage Constiution Law, Statutory Law, Case Law, Administrative Law.

Directions: Each student must research one example of a law that was created by one of the sources. Students must provide the following information under the source of law it goes with: Student’s name, recite the actual law, website used, why it falls into this source of law.

U1L03W1 –

You must find a case that was heard in the federalFederal tax fraud with handcufffs court system related to one of the following types of violations: Constitutional Rights, Federal Crime, Maritime Case, Patent or Copyright Case.

You must have a different case than a classmate’s post, so be sure to read the other cases posted. Provide the following information: Your name, Identify violation that causes it to be a federal case, specific information about the case, website where you found it and why you think it is this type of violation.

U1L04D1 – Post a comment regarding whether you think it is fairAttorney talking to jury to have both a criminal and a civil trial brought against a person. Use supporting facts or a case you find online to help support your response. Then respond to one person’s post that you agree with and tell why you agree with them. Then respond to another person’s post that you disagree with, and tell why you disagree with them.

U1L05W1 –

Research a case where State of Mind was used toEmotional looking woman determine the innocence of a suspect. In your post, provide the details of the case in a summary and the website where you found the case information. Respond to one classmate’s post and indicate why you think the state of mind presented in the case was the factor that changed the case.