Case Scenario

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Case Scenario.

This is an ongoing project. My case scenario is Several students report a veteran teacher in your department seems to have early onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s

Part 1:

  • Draft the process and expected outcomes. Base expected outcomes on rationale based on case and statutory law, regulation, policy, etc.
  • Include supplemental materials (letters, diagrams, maps, etc.) to support the plan and policies.
  • The project may be delivered in PowerPoint, Word, or a combination of PowerPoint and Word.

Part 2:

Write a descriptive annotated bibliography, following APA format, using Word, and containing five articles published within the last two years. Ensure that your selections are from reputable sources and are about Texas public school finance issues. For each source, write 1-2 concise paragraphs addressing the following:

  • Bibliographic information in APA format
  • Scope/focus of the article
  • Article’s intended audience
  • Author’s credibility as a writer of the article
  • Conclusions presented by the author

Basic APA format requires the following:

  • Title page (omit running head)
  • Alphabetize the articles
  • Double-space, no additional space between articles
  • The first line of the citation starts at the left margin, but subsequent lines are indented four spaces
  • Annotation is in block form and indented two additional spaces (indent 4 + 2 spaces)

Case Scenario

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