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Career Development Psychology and Counseling – Studypool.

Help me study for my Psychology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

I need this quiz completed. The choices are A B C or D.

  • In SCCT Self-Efficacy can be best described as:

  • 2Which of the following statements represents an introjected model:

  • 3Career construction theory advises _____ for the actor, _____ for the agent, and _____ for the author.

  • 4Comparable worth suggests that

  • 5The element that best predicts a positive work life balance is:

  • 6Females are underrepresented in STEM fields because:

  • 7A child starts to develop curiosity and interest about the world of work, they are in which stage of development in Super’s model?

  • 8Social class has a strong influence on all of the following except:

  • 9SCCT emphasizes how _____, _____, and _____ influence each other.

  • 10In Super’s theory, disengagement is best described as:

  • 11One barrier that often prevents those with disabilities from seeking work is:

  • 12Super based his theory on the following except:

  • 13Counseling those with disabilities may be especially difficult when:

  • 14In SCCT the _____ model explains why two people with a similar level of skill can have extreme differences in performance quality

  • 15In SCCT agency may be best described as:

  • 16A married 30-year-old is working to develop a safe and secure work space, they are in which stage of development in Super’s model?

  • 17There is _____ empirical research supporting career construction theory:

  • 18The medical model of aiding the disabled back to work has often failed because:

  • 19In SCCT the interest model suggests that:

  • 20SCCT is based on the work of:

  • 21With regard to employment, youth with disabilities:

  • 22With regard to career research, there is little to no research on the ____ population.

  • 23A person feels very dedicated to who they are as an employee, they feel invested in what they do, and put forth great effort. According to Super, this person demonstrates:

  • 24According to career construction theory a person’s reality is:

  • 25A criticism of research on life-span, life-space theories is:

  • 26Career counseling has often failed to address how to:

  • 27One of the most salient predictors of career development is:

  • 28LGBT individuals may have additional problems in career development because:

  • 29In Career construction theory, a counselor exploring construction may ask the client about:

  • 30Men who choose nontraditional occupations often have:

  • 31An adolescent is beginning to identify specific forms of education needed for a preferred career, they are in which stage of development in Super’s model?

  • 32Career counselors can help individuals with disabilities by:

  • 33Transgender individuals often described experiencing:

  • 34Children of families with lower socioeconomic status often have all of the following except:

  • 35Which of the following statements represents the incorporation of a model:

  • 36_____ is about who a person is attracted to; _____ is about who the person feels they are:

  • 37A major barrier to providing career counseling to those living in poverty is:

  • 38Socioeconomic disparity can be best defined as a(n):

  • 39In SCCT self-efficacy is acquired and modified from all the following EXCEPT:

  • 40One of the biggest faulty assumptions in career counseling is that:

Career Development Psychology and Counseling – Studypool

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