Build a Model.xlsx and Answer the following questions.

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Build a Model.xlsx and Answer the following questions..

Start with the partial model. Build a Model.xlsx from the textbook’s Web site. Answer the following questions, using the spreadsheet model to do the calculations.

a. Find the FV of $1,000 invested to earn 10% annually 5 years from now. Answer this question first by using a math formula and then by using the Excel function wizard.

b. Now create a table that shows the FV at 0%, 5%, and 20% for 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years. Then create a graph with years on the horizontal axis and FV on the vertical axis to display your results.

c. Find the PV of $1,000 due in 5 years if the discount rate is 10% per year. Again, first work the problem with a formula and then by using the function wizard.

d. A security has a cost of $1,000 and will return $2,000 after 5 years. What rate of return does the security provide?

e. Suppose California’s population is 30 million people and its population is expected to grow by 2% per year. How long would it take for the population to double?

f. Find the PV of an ordinary annuity that pays $1,000 at the end of each of the next 5 years if the interest rate is 15%. Then find the FV of that same annuity.

g. How would the PV and FV of the above annuity change if it were an annuity due rather than an ordinary annuity?

h. What would the FV and PV for parts a and c be if the interest rate were 10% with semiannual compounding rather than 10% with annual compounding?

i. Find the PV and FV of an investment that makes the following end-of-year payments. The interest rate is 8%.

Year Payment

1 $100

2 $200

3 $400

j. Suppose you bought a house and took out a mortgage for $50,000. The interest rate is 8%, and you must amortize the loan over 10 years with equal end-of-year payments. Set up an amortization schedule that shows the annual payments and the amount of each payment that repays the principal and the amount that constitutes interest expense to the borrower and interest income to the lender.

(1) Create a graph that shows how the payments are divided between interest and principal repayment over time.

(2) Suppose the loan called for 10 years of monthly payments, 120 payments in all, with the same original amount and the same nominal interest rate. What would the amortization schedule show now?

Build a Model.xlsx and Answer the following questions.

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