Birth Defects in Orange County Ca

Project description The following is a hypothetical situation: Assume that the State of California has given the CBDMP 15 million dollars for birth defects prevention demonstration projects throughout the state. Demonstration projects are small-scale efforts to demonstrate feasibility and potential effectiveness. You work for the Orange County Health Care Agency, and your boss has asked you to do some research into this topic and write a proposal to get some of the new CBDMP money Your goal is to write a theory-based proposal to prevent birth defects in Orange County. First you will have to consider which birth defect(s) to address, based on what you can find about birth defects in general and specifically in Orange County. Then you need to develop the appropriate strategy to prevent those birth defects from occurring. I. Background (2-3 pages), including but not limited to: 1. What qualifies as a birth defect. 2. How prevalent birth defects are in California, broken down by demographic categories and/or type of birth defect. 3. Why birth defects are a public health concern. II. Detailed description of specific strategies included in your campaign (3-5 pages), including: 1. Goal of your program. 2. Target population(s) and/or geographical area(s). 3. What you plan to do. 4. How you will implement your plan. Sources from 2010 and above