Assignment Help – What struck you in particular as you explored the coursematerials thi

What struck you in particular as you explored the coursematerials this week?
What insights have you had?
What have you been struggling with?
What questions have come up for you at this point?
Do you have any helpful tips that youve picked up in thiscourse or in a past course?
Do you have questions about the assignment that yourclassmates might be able to help with? (If you have a questionfor the instructor, be sure to contact your instructor throughemail or in the Ask Your Instructor Forum).

You are required to post at least 100 total words in this forumthis week. You can post one time or ten times, the onlyrequirements are that you post at least 100 words total and thatyou engage in conversation related to course content. Askquestions, answer questions, provide extra resources you foundthat are interesting, or engage in a debate about something youlearned this week. The only requirement is that your commentshave to relate to the course content.

Provide a full explanation of the issues that you discuss in yourposts. For example, if you write that you had difficulty findingsources for your Final Project, explain where in the process offinding sources you had difficulty. Was it choosing a database tosearch? Thinking of search terms? Did your search return too manysources that were not relevant to your topic? Did your searchreturn too few results?

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