Assignment Help – what I would like you to do is this, I would like to use thisassignment as

what I would like you to do is this, I would like to use thisassignment as me working for my former job as a parts countermanat ford, working in the parts department selling parts tocustomers.

Here are the requirements for this assignment. I will need 6citations and 3 references for this assignment.
You are to defend to your CEO, in a written proposal (memoformat), why a risk management department is necessary to yourorganization. This paper presumes you do not have a riskmanagement function and you are defending the need to establishsuch a function. In other words, take the approach you do nothave a risk function.
Please keep in mind CEOs understand money and return oninvestment. At beginning, provide a basis statement of theresponsibility for your organization: short paragraph explainingthe job/mission of your organization. I would expect such adefense to take no less than four pages, double-spaced, 12 pointfont.
Your defense must have no less than six citations and threereferences to support the need and benefit of a risk managementdepartment.
As you write your defense, ask yourself if your argument/supportfor a risk department would persuade you to spend money for sucha function. If you have not persuaded yourself, I doubt if theprofessor will be persuaded.
Proposals to the CEO level must be direct and reasonably brief.Write your defense as if you are preparing and sending thedefense to the CEO. Write in the context of you telling yourCEO why you need a risk management department. Properly cite andreference your sources.

Thank you for your help.