Assignment Help – The objective of the integrated semester is to help you extendyour knowled

The objective of the integrated semester is to help you extendyour knowledge of how the
finance, operations, management, and marketing disciplines workand how they integrate
their functioning in the real world of business. This assignmentis an assessment of how well
you understand this integration.
Below you will find a mini base case that broadly describes thecurrent challenges faced by
Whole Foods. Following the case are questions from each of yourfour 300 courses that
reflect the impact of those challenges on the particularfunctional area and the implications
for the other disciplines.
The assignment should be prepared as a Word document, 12 -14pages in length
(approx. 3 pages for each disciplines questions).
The document should be double spaced, using Ariel font #12.
Label each section (e.g., FINANCE) to indicate whichdisciplines questions you are
Add any Appendices at the end of the Word document.
Upload the entire Word file through the link on Canvas to eachof your Integrated
Semester courses by the due date.
Note: Your reference sources, in addition to the base case andquestion sets, should be
online sites and articles, Bloomberg terminals, your IntegratedSemester textbooks and
PowerPoint slides.

Whole Foods has decided on the locations of the first five 365stores. These are Silver Lake,
Los Angeles, CA; Houston Heights, Houston, TX; Portland, OR;Bellevue, WA; Austin, TX.
Each of the new 365 stores is opening in an existing market forthe company. There are
currently five Whole Foods Market stores in the Seattle area, andfour stores in Portland.
Ore. In Portland, two stores stand within 1.5 miles of eachother.
Wholefoods management has stated To best leverage our existingteam member base and
infrastructure, we expect most of our first 365 by Whole FoodsMarket stores will be in
existing markets, complementing our Whole Foods Market stores,the streamlined store
concept and efficient shopping experience will allow us to growin both urban and suburban
The following link will take you to a statement of Whole FoodsMarkets core values.
Discuss in detail how WFM makes the following key operationsdecisions in order to promote
their core values:
1. Process Design
2. Managing quality
3. Location strategy
4. Layout strategy
5. Supply chain management