Assignment Help – Sincere College: The college has a strong reputation and a competitiv

Sincere College:

The college has a strong reputation and a competitive salary. TheCollege is located in Maine and has a large number of facultymembers supporting their educational and research efforts. Itscurrent education emphasis includes liberal arts and sciences,social sciences, and performing arts. Faculty members are activein research, scholarship, college governance, academicadvisement, and professional development.

Requirements of the position:

Earned doctorate degree in business or related field. Thosecompleting their dissertation with an imminent completion datewill be considered. The candidate should have a teachingbackground at the college level and interests in research in thearea of Business Ethics. The interviewing process will include ademonstration of teaching a class.

Application process:

Information should be submitted via the website and the documentsshould include a resume, cover letter, statement of teachingphilosophy and three references.

Your Presentation:

The presentation should be written using the third person andinclude 8-10 presentation slides. In addition, include a titleslide, introduction slide, and a slide for references. Your gradewill be based upon your ability to follow assignmentinstructions, research conducted, effectiveness of thepresentation, critical thinking and APA format. There should bethree supporting references or sources. Dont use encyclopedia,Wikipedia, unknown, undated, or anonymous sources, such as briefarticles from websites. Also, cite all sources according to APA.

Helpful information:

I encourage you to go online to Purdue OWL, which has writinglabs for students. Look up PowerPoint presentations in APA formatin the search box. This website has helpful information and bestpractices. Remember, that all graphs and pictures require areference.


Purdue OWL: