Assignment Help – Select one of the following cartoons: The Big Stick in the Caribbean

Select one of the following cartoons:

The Big Stick in the Caribbean Sea
School Begins

Look closely at the cartoon you have selected and write down yourinitial reactions, you will not need to include these initialreactions your assignment, but they will help you complete theassignment once you have finished the exercise.

Then go to the Chapter 4, Section 4.3 of the textbook and look atthe activity Analyzing Primary Sources. You will find it underthe section on Yellow Journalism. (This is very important.)Please note you will not be able to view this on some devices andwill need to use a computer.

After completing the activity, answer the following items:

Explain the character(s) in the cartoon.
Describe the symbols and actions the artist employs in thecartoon.
Describe the issues the cartoon raises.
Analyze and explain what the cartoon says about theconsequences of the Spanish American War for the countriesoccupied.
Describe how your understanding of the cartoon changed afterdoing the analysis portion of this exercise.

The combined answers should be one page, including your referencelist. Your answers to these questions should be accurate,thorough, and written in complete sentences. Be sure to cite thetextbook at least once and reference the textbook in APAformatting. If you need more guidance, you can read this SampleAssignment , so you will have an idea about the type of responseyour instructor will be looking for.
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Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will beused to evaluate your assignment.