Assignment Help – paper. 2. Abstract An abstract should identify the key pointsin your pape

paper. 2. Abstract An abstract should identify the key pointsin your paper. By reading the abstract the reader should have anidea about what to expect in the paper. Write the abstract in nomore than 100 words. 3. Main body of the paper should be dividedinto introduction and several headings and subheadings as neededand meaningfully describe the content in simple language.Relevant images, charts, diagrams, figures, tables etc. should beincluded and embedded in proper places in the text or properlyreferenced in the text. 4. A one para summary/conclusion sectionshould summarize the paper at the end. 5. The main body of thepaper must contain valid citations (called in-text citations) tosupport your information in the paper. All in text citationsshould be numbered in the order of their appearance in the textand should be listed as full references at the end under theheading References or Works cited. See the model paper postedfor example. 6. Images, charts, diagrams, figures, tables shouldbe included to support your information and should contain properfigure number and appropriate captions. 7. References should bewritten in a proper way and contain title of the paper,author(s)s name, journal/ book name, volume/chapter ofjournal/book, page number or verifiable URL (in case of webreference). See examples. At least 6 references should bepresent of which 3 should be journal/book references other thanyour text book. If you use web references make sure that the siteis authentic. Write the details of the reference including validURL. Wikipedia will not be accepted as reference web site. Belowyou will find few acceptable web sites.
a. Any NIH web sites b. Web sites belonging to any communitycollege or university c. Reputed pharmaceutical company, hospitalor institute web sites d. Federal government web sites, e.g.,CDC, FDA, USDA etc. e. Federal or state government web sites f.National or state laboratories web sites. 8. Formatting: Writethe paper in 12 point, Arial font with double space typing in asingle column. Embed any figures in the text. Use the templateposted for writing.