Assignment Help – Objectives To be able to analyze a business or aspect of a largebusi


To be able to analyze a business or aspect of a largebusiness in which service is a core function to understand atleast the following:
The business strategy or mission or how the businessunit/aspect relates to this
The competitive environment
The marketing mix
Major strengths & weaknesses, threats & opportunities
To be able to make specific recommendations for increasedprofitability by changing the elements of the marketing mixand/or employing course concepts.


In general, this shouldnt be shorter than 1,200 words and notover 4,500.
References should be done in a recognizable format such as APA,MLA, or Harvard-style.

For this paper use Gold’s gym.

Pick a business (or aspect, as applicable) for which you havegood access to first hand information, ideally throughobservations or interviews, and/or extensive secondaryinformation. This does not necessarily have be your currentemployer (but could be if there is something really interesting you might find it easier to go with something besides a giantcorporation). You should not expect to get all the informationabout an entity assumptions are acceptable so long as they arenamed and reasonable, if relevant. You do not necessarily needto have complete financial data for this there are things youcan assume unless you have a reason to believe otherwise (i.e.,unskilled labor is at a wage that doesnt exceed $10/hr., youprobably dont need the electric bill, etc.).

You should be creative yet realistic in your recommendation. Use SMART or something similar for example, to say, by reducingthe cycling time of the dishwasher, dining capacity at CafX can increased by approximately 15% at peak times equates toapproximately 20 more diners eating with an average ticket of$6.50 with a 35% margin will yield an additional $XY00 in profitper month is most desirable. With this in mind, I would expectnot more than 2 recommendations (1 is maybe good enough., 2 isgood and maybe even excellent, depending on quality). Go withquality here.


Before you write too much, look at a business plan for a businesswith a service component.

There should not be anything major left out that has asignificant influence. For example, if you do a taxi serviceas your business and fail to mention the bus as a force in themarket that should be considered (or at least addressed), thatsa short coming. To indicate that an area bus service is failingto meet the needs to the area (which should be supported) isadequate.

Do not be misled into thinking that just a good idea or twowill suffice imagine you are in the board room or shark tank. Beware of too broad a topic Yes, McDonalds should have a healthymenu but how much will it gain in terms of market share orgenerate in revenue or some other impact (even things likecustomers reducing disease whatever) but, it must be specific. Dont lose sight of that as it will cost points a letter grade ormore on the assignment.

You should have sources and citations that can be found and readeasily with a google search.