Assignment Help – Assignment: Write a 4-5 page paper on a clinical application(pathological

Assignment: Write a 4-5 page paper on a clinical application(pathological condition) in human anatomy and
physiology. (typed, double-spaced, 1 margins; 12-pt font ofCalibri, Times, etc.)
The paper must be written entirely in your own words; plagiarizedpapers will receive a 0.
*DO NOT copy information from sources for the paper; write ityourself!!* Read the information, take notes, and then use thenotes to write paragraphs using the rubric below. (If you arentsure how to do it correctly, ASK.)
Research the topic using at least 2 of the first 7 web siteslisted on this document. Additional or specialty sites may alsobe used, but dont use primary research articles unless you canunderstand the content.
**There is a lot of information available on the web aboutmedical and health-related topics. Unfortunately much is based onspeculation, fear and hearsay (e.g. urban legends aboutconditions) rather than on reliable, scientific evidence. Thereis a big difference between correlation and causation. Forexample: You can say that people who go to bars have a higherchance of developing lung cancer than those who dont(correlation), but it doesnt mean that drinking alcohol causeslung cancer (false causation). Much is internet hype. Claims suchas what scientists wont tell you about X is often due topeople confusing correlation with causation. In this paper,report any of this type of information you find (which wont beon the medical/scientific links below, but are easy to find withany search engine) and briefly discuss how these ideas dont makesense once you understand the physiology of the condition.
Your paper should include the following:
an introduction of the topic (definition, prevalence,importance, etc.) – 3 points
a description of the normal anatomy & normal physiology of theaffected organ/tissue/process – 8 points
a description of the cause of the disorder and the resultingabnormal anatomy & physiology (how they cause the characteristicsymptoms/signs) – 10 points
a description of the most common treatment(s) includingmechanisms of action – 5 points
**discuss non-scientific causes of, and/or treatments for, thecondition – AND discuss how these ideas are
supported or refuted by your knowledge of anatomy & physiology -4 points
recovery prognosis (both treated and untreated patients) &prevention strategies – 2 points
a conclusion (summary, prevention strategies, take homemessage, etc.)
references; complete citations, including the full URL (copy &paste from browser address bar); this part
does NOT count toward the page total. [No specific formatrequired] – 4 points
– You will be graded on readability, style, and grammar. [This isnot an English class, but health care
requires professional communication skills.] – 4 points (journal articles about medicaltopics) (reference site formedical professionals) (National Institutes of Health); (National Cancer Institute)