Assignment Help – After either attending a live concert or watching a full lengthconcert onl

After either attending a live concert or watching a full lengthconcert online, students will write a critique of the performancefollowing the format below. Include the URL of the concert chosenin the critique or scan the program of the live concert attendedand attach it. The musical style of the concert should include atleast one of the genres studied in this course.
The Concert Critique should be 2.5 pages long, double-spaced. Itshould contain five paragraphs that describe the followingaspects of the concert attended:
1. Who are the performers? Give the title of the concert andwrite something about the performers. Is it an orchestra? Achoir? An ensemble? Solo artists? Why did you choose to attendthis particular performance? Tell as much as you know about themusicians that performed are they professionals? Students?Teachers? How long have they been performing? Etc.
2. Describe the music that was performed on the concert. Use themusical characteristics that we have been learning in class. Whatgenre is the music (Opera aria? Jazz song? Standard tune? Soloinstrument piece? Symphony?)
3. What style period was the music written in? What was thetempo, dynamics, texture, etc.? Sometimes the music in a concertwill be only one genre. Sometimes there will be several genresperformed. Attach the program to your critique, and then refer tothe titles in the program. For example: Autumn Leaves wasperformed by a small instrumental ensemble (guitar, bass, and
percussion). It is a standard contemporary tune. The tempo was amoderately slow ballad. It had a very mellow sound
4. Tell how well you think the performers interpreted the musicthat was on the concert. Were the singers in tune? Did the pianoplayer play musically and rhythmically? Do you think theperformers communicated the music as it was meant to becommunicated by the composer?
5. Tell which pieces or part of the concert was most moving orenjoyable for you. If you didnt enjoy the concert very much,tell why you didnt enjoy it. What could have been better? Be asspecific as you can when expressing your opinion of theperformance dont just write generalities like It was nice orit made me feel like dancing. Tell why the music made you feellike dancing. Write about why you particularly enjoyed that partof the concert.
6. Conclude your critique by summing up the performance andtelling us if you would go to hear these performers again orwould invite your friends or family to hear thisperformance/performers.