Assignment Help – 3-4-pages, double-spaced Building on the critical thinking and writing sk

3-4-pages, double-spaced

Building on the critical thinking and writing skills youexercised in Essays #1 and #2, and in preparation for theupcoming research paper, in this next essay you will weigh inon (or enter) a conversation about one of the issues being raisedby our recent readings. For this essay, you will summarize(briefly) at least two sources speaking to the issue you chooseand weigh in with your own opinion, supporting it by analyzingthe texts and by drawing upon your experiences or other outsideknowledge you have. Once again, challenge yourself in this essayto fully develop your critique and your ideas and continue topush yourself to experiment with and advance your writing style.
Introduce the issue. Begin your essay by introducing whatspecific issue the two articles you selected are discussing. Besure to introduce the issue in your introduction in a way thatinterests and engages your readers. Think about how you can makethe issue seem relevant and significant for your audience.
Summarize the articles briefly. You cannot assume your audiencehas read either of the articles. Therefore, you should brieflysummarize each article early on in the essay. Be sure to statewhat the authors main arguments are and mention their mainpoints of support and evidence. You should also tell youraudience when and where the articles were published and who theywere written by. Remember to follow the rules we discussed forhow to quote, paraphrase, summarize, and document sourcescorrectly. See the Purdue Online Writing Lab website for therules and advice for integrating and documenting sourcescorrectly.
Weigh In. Consider your summaries of the two articles arepresentation of a conversation happening about the issuetheyre both speaking to. [Person X sees the issue this way . while Person Y interprets it this way.] Position yourself withinthat conversation. This does not mean that youre taking sides(i.e. agreeing with either Person X or Person Y). This meansyoure saying you see the issue completely differently than bothPerson X and Y, OR perhaps you agree with Point A Person X makesbut disagree with his or her Point B and C, yet agree with PersonYs Point A and B but not C. (You get the idea here.) Be sureto adequately support your opinions by analyzing the authorspoints and evidence or by adding new points and evidence based onyour own experiences or other outside knowledge. Work to persuadeyour audience youre making a thoughtful, informed contributionto the conversation about this issue.
Document and integrate your source according to MLA guidelines. Now that we have discussed how to incorporate and documentsources properly in your writing, you should document anypassages from both articles that you paraphrase, summarize,and/or quote. I am requiring that you include at least oneparaphrase and at least one quote from the readings into youressay. You may include more if you wish. You should also have aproper Works Cited entry for both sources at the end of youressay. You can find MLA guidelines for in-text citations andWorks Cited entries at
A strong essay will
Introduce the issue or conversation youre weighing in on.
Include brief introductory summaries of the articles thathighlight the main ideas clearly and succinctly.
Contain a clear, well-supported argument about your own view ofthe issue at hand.
Include an engaging and thoughtful introduction and conclusionthat move beyond rudimentary statements of argument andreiterations of main points.
Progress logically and smoothly with appropriate transitionsindicating connections between ideas.
Make appropriate use of sentence structure, word choice,grammar, spelling, and punctuation that enables rather thanhinders clear and effective communication.
Document and integrate source material correctly andeffectively both in the essay and in the Works Cited.
Show significant revision of ideas, language, and style fromfirst to final draft.
Meet the minimum page requirement of 3-4 pages.

ESSAY FORMAT: double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font,standard 1-inch margins; your name, instructors name, the class(English 111), and the date should appear in the upper leftcorner of the first page; pages should be numbered. Examplebelow: