assignment 3: OHS in the Australian Offshore Petroleum Industry

assignment 3: OHS in the Australian Offshore Petroleum Industry.

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SEB323 The Professional Environment for Engineers and Scientists, T2 2012 Assignment 3: OHS in the Australian Offshore Petroleum Industry 20 marks (20%) Background th On Monday 20 August 2012 two workers died as a result of an accident on the Stena Clyde, a mobile offshore drilling platform located off the Victorian coast approximately 90 km from Warrnambool. Pending a full investigation of the accident there are few details publicly available (as of 3 September 2012) of this workplace accident other than the reported cause appears to have been machinery failure killing one worker instantly and fatally wounding the other worker who died soon afterwards en route on the emergency flight to an onshore hospital. The deaths of these two workers are the first work-related deaths at an offshore facility for the Australian petroleum industry since the fatal accident on the Karratha Spirit, off the Western Australia coast, in September 2008. The Stena Clyde is more correctly known in the petroleum industry as a semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU). It was built in 1976, can drill to depths of 5,000 ft below the water surface, has dimensions of overall length 109.2m and width 67.4m, and weighs over 3,000 tonnes. The Stena Clyde is currently located more than 3 nautical miles offshore from the Victorian coastline and since it is less than 200 nautical miles offshore it is in Commonwealth of Australia waters and so falls under federal jurisdiction. The Stena Clyde is owned and operated by Stena Drilling Limited (Scotland) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stena AB (Sweden). The Stena Clyde is currently contracted to Origin Energy (Australia) to drill natural gas exploration wells in the Otway Basin. The Otway Basin is a significant source of natural gas supply for South Australia. The National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority was established on 1 January 2012, superseding the National…

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assignment 3: OHS in the Australian Offshore Petroleum Industry

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