Arizona State University Survival Theory and Labor Market Discussion Questions

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Arizona State University Survival Theory and Labor Market Discussion Questions.

1. Section 2.1a in your book includes the following quote in the margin:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”—Charles Darwin (1809–1882), Naturalist.

How do you think the quote relates to a company and its relationship with 1) its customers? and 2) its competitors? Don’t worry about using “business language.” Explain your point clearly and concisely in terms that anyone will understand.

2. In Section 2.1a Labor Market, your book mentions various factors related to the labor market. Read that section and then think about what company should do to keep the employees it currently employees, beyond simply paying them more. Money is nice, but we will learn that is more to happiness at work than just a good paycheck. Use some critical thinking and maybe chat with people you know who have been in a professional position for a few years to gain perspective. Provide some details to your answer – explain what you would provide and why you think it would be successful at retaining your employees.

In the general environment there are six components: international, technological, natural, sociocultural, economic, legal/political. The following questions focus on the general environment.

3. Within the general environment is the international dimension. Currently (or recently depending on what has transpired since I wrote this CPA) there is quite a bit of uncertainty in this area. Read section 2.2b Adapting to the Environment and select one of the methods to mitigate uncertainty described in the section. Describe the method you have selected and why you believe it would be effective in reducing the level of uncertainty.

4. What strategic issues have the potential to create environmental uncertainty in the automobile industry? Refer to as many dimensions in the general environment as you can. These can be brief descriptions but be sure they are clear to the reader.

I have attached Section 2.1a and Section 2.2b and an example of good faith effort

Arizona State University Survival Theory and Labor Market Discussion Questions

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