Anthony Kovner: Case F in Cases, Readings and

Anthony Kovner: Case F in Cases, Readings and.

I have to present a lead case for Case F in the book which includes the following:

Case Analysis Steps

4-Step Approach:

Diagnose the Problem

Generate Alternatives

Recommend a Solution

Develop an Action Plan

1-Diagnose the Problem

?Define the problem
oClearly state the core problem in the case
oDifferentiate between the “root cause” and symptoms oDetermine if there are multiple problems
oIf yes, prioritize them

?What must you deal with first?
?What issues are time sensitive vs. those that can be deferred?

2-Generate Alternatives

?Determine the possibilities that exist to address the problem(s) you defined oList all of the alternatives

oIdentify the pros & cons of each
oDetermine the criteria for your decision
oCritically evaluate your possible alternatives for solving the problem

3-Recommend a Solution

?Recommend an alternative(s) for addressing the problem
oDecide on a course of action to address the root cause of the prioritized problem oRecommend secondary alternatives to the problems with lower priority
oMake a decision, support your reason with the decision based on course concepts

and theories and “be.breaching-the-security-of-an-internet-patient-portal/st practices” (e.g. Baldridge)

4–Develop an Action Plan

?Determine how you will turn your decision into action oDevelop a short implementation plan

What will be done

Who will do it

When it should be done

oDetermine how, wh.breaching-the-security-of-an-internet-patient-portal/en and what you will do to monitor implementation
oPresent a clear plan for executing your recommendation and monitoring to ensure

it is implemented and working as intended

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Anthony Kovner: Case F in Cases, Readings and

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