answer the following questions

answer the following questions.

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WEEK 1 — World Mapper Assignment Directions and EXAMPLE

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1. Click on This link to choose a map: (Links to an external site.)

2. Choose a map that interests you (note there are 696 options! Take your time, find an interesting one and be sure to choose one that has a PDF version also so you can access additional information)

a) Note the name of the map and the number

b) Explain what the map illustrates IN YOUR OWN WORDS (be sure to carefully figure out what the actual map is showing, many students get this wrong by making assumptions and doing it too quickly)

c) Explain any patterns that you see.

* (For more informationmake sure you opened the “PDF poster” version of the map)

3. Post your map and discussion on the discussion board by REPLYING TO THIS Post with a title of “Yourlastname and the mapname”

(for more detailed directions read the assignment PDF or watch the end of lecture video 2 (Map Making))

answer the following questions

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