Answer Discussion Questions – Studypool

Answer Discussion Questions – Studypool.

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The Discussion Assignment:

The “Seeking Information from a Client” Case is located on page 131 in your textbook (attached below labeled “Client Case”). Answer the following critical thinking questions (these questions are the same ones on page 131 mentioned above).

  1. Since you don’t have a relationship with Sylvia, what will you do to get off to a solid start during your visit?
  2. How should you approach Sylvia verbally and nonverbally?
  3. What strategies among the ones discussed in this chapter (chapter is attached below labeled “Ch.3 Customer Service”) can you use to find out where you and LKM stand in Sylvia’s mind?
  4. What might you propose to Sylvia to try to change her mind if she indicates that she is planning to move the account?


– You do not need to read all of the pages on the chapter word doc. Just skim through them to help answer the questions.
– These are discussion questions, no word requirement, just answer the questions.
– Please write in your own words, plagiarism will not be accepted.
– Also, below is the reference to the text.

Customer Service, 7th Edition, Robert W. Lucas, McGraw Hill Education, 2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121, 2019.

Answer Discussion Questions – Studypool

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