analytical essay covering some aspect of book or film or both that your attention-

I need a Written Task 1 for an English Language and Literature course on part 1, language in a cultural context. The task must be focused on language. Written in the perspective of a male feminist. A persuasive speech from the point of view of a male feminist as a response to Hillary Clinton’s impassioned speech at the 4th United Nations World Conference on Women on September 5th, 1995. It should meet the learning outcome of demonstrate an awareness of how language and meaning are shaped by culture and context as well as how audience and purpose affect the structure and content of texts. It should analyze Hillary Clinton’s speech, her use of language and techniques in the speech to achieve her objective she has used and make constant reference to it. The first and foremost objective is to clearly interpret Hillary Clinton’s language, in addition clearly and thoroughly convey the advantages of gender equality and why males should become feminists. The speech should be authentic and convincing as possible by using rhetoric, simultaneously inspiring and thought provoking. Hillary Clinton’s Speech: There can be secondary sources as well such as Emma Watson’s HeForShe campaign launch speech at the United Nations: The word must be under 1000 words.