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Foreign Affairs

select an article from a recent edition of foreign affairs related to either china, India, Russia, or united state and provide an overview of its content. in the first paragraph, identify the central context and issue being examined in the article, in the second paragraph, identify the central argument or thesis of the article and the basic evidence employed to support the thesis.


Social work

Critically analyze a research article and submit an article critique. (Please research how to conduct an article critique) APA The critique should follow the outline that is presented subsequently: a) Referencing: APA style required. Please put the title of the article at the top of the paper b) Introduction: "What was the study attempting to determine? What were the research hypotheses/question that were examined?”


Creative Writing

Why capacity planning is one of the most critical decisions a manager has to make How uncertainty affects capacity decisions Why is capacity planning for services more challenging than it is for goods produced?

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